2019 Naperville Restaurant Guide

Are you planning a day out in Naperville? Will you treat yourself and enjoy a taste of the lovely city? Naperville hosts a wide variety of incredible dining options. As warm weather arrives at last, a day out in this western suburb of Chicago becomes more appealing. Here we’ve provided a helpful Naperville restaurant guide, walking you through a delicious day in the vibrant city.

Breakfast Guide

If you begin your Naperville adventure in the fresh, cool atmosphere of the morning, you probably will look for a yummy breakfast stop.

Buttermilk: Buttermilk is a welcome newcomer to Naperville! You will find their innovative, inviting location directly off of Freedom Dr. Buttermilk is dedicated to elevating traditional breakfasts, artistically crafting delicious cuisine. Stop in to enjoy creamy biscuits and gravy, a sizzling, cheesy omelet, or a steaming plate of signature Buttermilk pancakes.

Eggs, Inc.: Located on Washington St., Eggs Inc. combines quality, tried-and-true breakfast food with professional service and an ambient environment. Family owned and operated, Eggs Inc. will not disappoint!

Coffee and Tea Guide

After breakfast, finding a coffee and tea shop is probably next on your list. Enjoy the mid-morning weather with a cup of hot tea or iced coffee in your hand. Sip and explore.

Starbucks: If you’re looking for a classic but revolutionary coffee shop that is widely appreciated, stop into Starbucks. You can find over five locations scattered throughout Naperville; stumbling across one will be easy. The Starbucks menu overflows with a variety of drinks, from Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew to Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee.

Sparrow Coffee: If you enjoy Starbucks every other day of the week, try a local coffee shop instead! Sparrow Coffee, located off of Water St., presents a unique coffee experience. Sparrow takes pride in its state-of-the-art technology, expert baristas, and “craft milk for craft coffee.”

Lunch Guide

Sipping and exploring is incredible. Lunchtime rolls around before you know it; once more, scents wafting from nearby restaurants catch your attention.

Wayback Burgers: You can find Wayback Burgers off of Showplace Dr. If you have a taste for a good, old-fashioned burger with fries and a hand-dipped milkshake, you’ve found the right stop. Itching for a sandwich or salad? These selections are also available—if you’re in search of a wide variety, this is the lunch stop for you.

Balboa’s Philly Cheesesteaks: Balboa’s is your best lunchtime option if you’re hungry for one item, prepared excellently. Balboa’s takes pride in making their sandwiches the very best. Stop by for the “best cheesesteak sandwich in America.” You’ll find Balboa’s on E. Chicago Ave.

Dinner Guide

As evening falls, one more restaurant exists to give you the best night out in Naperville. For dinner, stop by CityGate Grille, located on Calamos Ct. At CityGate Grille, we specialize in prime FDA steaks, prepared to perfection, and an expansive bar menu. On Friday and Saturday nights, talented local jazz artists light up our restaurant with live music. Our professional staff is passionate to provide you with the best experience imaginable. If you’re looking for the perfect way to end your day in Naperville, reserve a table at CityGate Grille!

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