Expensive Steakhouse vs. Inexpensive Steakhouse: What to Expect?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

In our world today, inexpensive choices are highly valued. Pinterest displays thousands of DIY-takes on traditional options and stores like IKEA encourage inexpensive, build-it-yourself furniture. “Do It Yourself” weddings grow in popularity as some old-fashioned traditions are traded for new, exciting practices. Though the paper couponing craze is slowing, online coupon options provide similar money-saving solutions.

While these resources are not bad in the slightest, certain life experiences should not be financially constricted. Sometimes, inexpensive is not the greatest choice. When steakhouses are considered, this principle holds true. When you visit an expensive or inexpensive steakhouse, you can expect two different experiences. The key difference between these experiences? Cuisine quality.

Cuisine Quality Difference

At an expensive steakhouse, you get what you pay for. A high-quality location will carry high-quality cuts. A good indicator of the quality of beef is the USDA grade shield. If your steakhouse carries USDA prime steaks, you’re in good hands. What makes a USDA prime steak? USDA graders look for quality and yield. A steak labeled USDA Prime has received the highest ranking available. This indicates that the quality – tenderness, flavor, etc. – of the beef is the very best. Yield refers to the amount of usable lean meat on the cut. Once more, USDA Prime has excellent yield.

Generally, more expensive cuts are also more tender. Why is this the case? Because tender parts of the cattle make up less than 10% of the beef. They are rare and, ultimately, more expensive. For the same reason that expensive cuts are tender, inexpensive cuts are often tough. This is because tough meat is more common on cattle. Therefore, prevalence usually results in more inexpensive choices.

At an inexpensive steakhouse, you also get what you pay for. While not always possible, as a rule of thumb, cheap meat should be avoided. A variety of medical and ethical concerns walk hand-in-hand with inexpensive meat.

  • Impure Meat: Only a few years ago, Tech Times reported the discovery of horse meat intermingled with inexpensive ground beef. This could have been due to cross-contamination, mislabeling, or simply the intentional addition of inexpensive horse meat to more pricey beef to create economic value.

  • Health Risks: Cheap meat is also well known to be linked to a slightly higher risk of cancer. Inexpensive red and processed meats are often tied to bowel cancer.

  • Ethical Issues: In general, factory farm cattle are inexpensive, due to prevalence. The more cattle a farm has, the less time is available to care for them. According to a Rolling Stone article published a few years back, factory farm suppliers “kept the animals fat and sad so they wouldn't fight back when led to slaughter.” This is a pretty steep price to pay for inexpensive beef options. Where does expensive meat come from? In general, expensive meat is ordered from local or grass-fed cattle farms. Ethically raised cattle is farmed in smaller numbers, resulting in boosted retail costs. However, the extra fee supports responsible farmers and results in high-quality, delicious steaks.

  • Antibiotic Concerns: Factory farm cattle is often given small doses of antibiotics to prevent prevalent infections and, often, boost growth. The antibiotics don’t destroy bacteria; they simply hold it off – ultimately creating “antibiotic-resistant bacteria.” How does this affect us? Well, if you consume a piece of cheap meat riddled with this antibiotic-resistant bacteria, typical antibiotics may not effectively combat your illness. Mashed, a cuisine-inspired news source, explains this issue in further detail:

“According to U.S. News and World Report, traces of the antibiotics administered to animals can be found in the meat we buy and consume, a danger that especially affects younger children. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that two million people are infected annually by drug-resistant bacteria, which can be partially blamed on the decreasing effectiveness of the antibiotics given to livestock (and over-prescribed to humans by doctors). A majority of those infections directly affect children under the age of 5.”

Thankfully, the FDA is jumping in to monitor antibiotic use more closely.

  • Environmental Problems: Finally, inexpensive meat can pose environmental problems, concerns that are commonly recognized among the population. As a people, we know that factory farm cattle require a great deal of resources to maintain, sometimes destroying natural habitats and inhibiting biodiversity.

Generally, cattle waste is utilized as fertilizer, a way to give back to the earth and encourage food production. On huge farms, the amount of waste is simply too great. Suppliers often simply ship it away. Often, though, the waste is leaked into waterways, lagoons, rivers, etc., causing severe contamination. For this reason alone, expensive meats, often ethically and responsibly raised, are well worth the cost.

An Expensive Steakhouse for Your Next Evening Away

So, the price is well worth it. Visiting an expensive steakhouse not only provides a delicious option; it is an ethical and environmentally-friendly choice as well. With this in mind, which expensive steakhouse is the best option for you? Your first step to discovery: ensure that your steakhouse of choice carries USDA Prime meat. This is the finest and most delicious. Do you want drinks with your meal? Take a look at the bar menu and make sure you find your favorite – or leave it up to your server! Secondly, explore the environment. Does your steakhouse echo with a feeling of quality and excellence? Is the staff friendly and knowledgeable? If you enjoy music, see if your steakhouse has live music.

CityGate Grille is proud to invite you to enjoy an expensive steakhouse with the finest USDA Prime steak. From the moment you step foot in the door, you will be greeted with a welcoming, attentive staff, ready to answer your questions and usher you into an unforgettable evening. Pair your steak with a delicious cocktail or smooth glass of wine from an extensive menu. CityGate Grille features live music on Friday and Saturday, so stop in on a weekend evening to enjoy a live, soft jazz experience. To enjoy an expensive steakhouse that is worthwhile, make your reservation at CityGate Grille today.

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