What to Expect at an Authentic High-End Steakhouse?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Sitting down to dine at an authentic high-end steakhouse is an investment. Time and finances are dedicated to the experience. However, steakhouses are special. They’re usually reserved for momentous occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, promotions, graduations, or a host of other celebrations. Because of this, choosing your night-out steakhouse wisely is important. Your decision should be based on high expectations, and your expectations should stem from knowing exactly what to expect. So, in your pursuit of an authentic high-end steakhouse, what should you expect?


An excellent steakhouse will radiate with elegance, professionalism, and tradition. Elegance will be represented in the posture and quality of your servers, the fine dishes you may eat from, the authentic wine poured into your glass, and the quality of the cuisine. Your servers will also represent professionalism, in attire, dialogue, and knowledge. Tradition is represented in quality, authentic cuisine that hasn’t changed for years.

Knowledgeable Staff

Ordering at a steakhouse can be intimidating, especially if your trip is a once-in-a-while occasion and you don’t have much time to practice. Good steakhouses will have professional and knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions and guide you through ordering. Curious what beverage will pair best with your dish of choice? The steakhouse staff should guide you through a beverage menu, offering small samples and wise suggestions.

Delicious Cuisine

At an authentic high-end steakhouse, you can expect incredible food. Look for steakhouses with USDA Prime Steak and ask about the state source. The best USDA Steaks are coming from packing houses in Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois. Along with steak, you can expect a wide variety of wines to pair with your meal.

You Know What to Expect: How Should You Approach the Evening?

Tips for Ordering

  • Pay attention to the menu. Sometimes the most expensive cuts are not always the most delicious. If you’re stuck, ask the chef or your server for suggestions. You don’t always have to go with the most expensive option.

  • Though your personal preferences are important, keep in mind that medium-rare steaks are often the most tender and flavorful.

  • Be wary if your steak is “puffy-looking” on the inside. This indicates that it was probably not rested before and after being cooked.

  • Order wine that pairs with your dish. Again, if you’re unsure of what to choose, ask the chef or a server! If you’re dining with a group, order a magnum bottle.

  • If you’re offered a special, ask for the price before accepting. You don’t want to be taken back if the price is more than you were expecting, simply because it’s a special.

Choose CityGate Grille

Now that you know what to expect from an authentic high-end steakhouse, you can make a choice: Where should you invest time and money? Where should you celebrate an amazing occasion? The good news is, your search can come to an end. CityGate Grille is an authentic steakhouse dedicated to quality, prime steaks and a friendly, authentic staff. We are prepared to answer all your questions and provide you with an incredible evening. We will meet and exceed your steakhouse expectations. If you’re prepared to join us, make a reservation today!

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