Questions to Ask When Looking for a Restaurant with Party Rooms

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Searching for a great restaurant with party rooms is no small task. Why? Because you’re planning a special, important event, perhaps a wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary, or family reunion. Because your expectations are important – special, important events deserve the best venues. Also, of course, because everything must be flawless.

However, your hunt for a perfect restaurant with party rooms does not have to be impossible. Consider the three following questions to narrow down your exact expectations and quicken your search.

1. What Kind of Room Do I Need for My Event?

Before you begin your search, define your expectations. What kind of room will justify your celebration? How many guests will you invite? What atmosphere are you hoping to achieve? If you’re planning a wedding reception, you may want to go all out and find a lavish, elegant space with room for hundreds of guests. A birthday party may require a lighthearted atmosphere, perhaps child-friendly. An anniversary may be romantic or stylish. Your family reunion may require a rustic feel, a nostalgic touch. Regardless of the nature of your event, identify exactly what kind of space it requires – and search with this in mind.

2. Does the Restaurant with Party Rooms Have Quality Cuisine?

A crucial question. Specific occasion aside, every event requires guests to enjoy excellent cuisine. Spend time exploring the menu. Does the restaurant provide a wide variety of choices? What about the alcoholic beverage menu? If certain guests require gluten-free or vegan options, will they find something top-notch to eat? These are important questions to consider right now, not during your event.

3. Does the Restaurant Staff Provide Excellent Service?

Similar to cuisine options, every guest deserves outstanding service, every moment of the event. An evening can be ruined by rude servers, unnecessarily long waiting, or poorly prepared food. How do you determine if your restaurant in question has excellent service? Read reviews and visit for an evening, if you have the opportunity.

The Best Restaurant with Party Rooms: CityGate Grille

One restaurant with party rooms, CityGate Grille, is proud to host a variety of events inside its walls. We will answer the previous three questions as well – and if your expectations fit our venue, your search can come to a quick, satisfying ending.

CityGate Grille has a variety of rooms, quality cuisine, and incredible service.

CityGate Grille is a great location for private dining with four distinct event spaces, each perfect for a diverse assortment of occasions. Our Wall Street Room is intimate, suited for small parties of 24 guests maximum. Ideal for 50 guests, our Trading Floor Room is great for larger groups. CityGate Terrace Room is our biggest option, holding up to 200 guests and opening into a patio upon request. The CityGate Patio itself can also be utilized as an entirely outdoor venue. Regardless of the occasion, CityGate Grille seeks to provide the right room for your vision. Paired with beautiful event spaces, CityGate Grille provides quality cuisine and beverages from an extensive menu. Finally, we deliver the professional service that you and your guests deserve.

CityGate Grille is dedicated to excellence and professionalism. If your expectations align with the service we provide, your hunt for the perfect restaurant with party rooms is complete. Contact us today to make a reservation.

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