3 Things to Consider When Booking Your Next Business Luncheon

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Business luncheons are a great way to build and maintain face-to-face relationships with your clients. Emails and phone calls are quick and easy but taking the time to meet for lunch creates a relaxed environment, causing all involved to open up to each other. Before planning your business luncheon, make sure to consider these three ideas ahead of time.

Restaurant Environment

When choosing a restaurant, one important aspect to look at is the environment. Is it loud and dimly lit? What type of people typically dine there during the day? Will you be able to converse without being interrupted by other loud conversations? One way to avoid any issues is to check if your restaurant of choice offers private rooms. Booking one of these rooms may be the most beneficial way to ensure you can get down to business and discuss everything that is necessary.

The type of client you are meeting can play into seating decisions as well. If you are meeting someone you know well and have met with before, or if you are having a celebratory meal, you can pick a table in a central, more active area of the restaurant. For first time meetings or serious conversations, ask for a private room or a table farther away from all of the action.

When to Start Talking Business

Business luncheons can be tricky to navigate. How much time do you spend getting to know each other personally? When do you start talking about business? It’s important to remember that while yes, there is an agenda, you can spend a bit of time casually talking. This allows everyone to become more relaxed and comfortable with each other, as well as showing your client that you care about them. Generally, people will wait until being seated, given drinks, and ordering food before bringing up business topics. Once you do start talking about business, focus on the client. Ask them questions about their business, how they are doing, or areas where they may need assistance or advice.

Paying the Bill

As your business luncheon comes to a close, it’s time to handle the bill. Make sure to pick up the bill quickly once it’s brought to the table. This way the client will not try to reach for it or wonder if they should pay. As you reach for the check, maintain regular eye contact with the client if you are still in the middle of your conversation. While you look over the total numbers, do not make any shocked faces or responses. If there are any issues with the bill, excuse yourself and go find the waiter to fix it in private, away from your client.

Book Your Next Business Luncheon

CityGate Grille is the best option when it comes to planning your business luncheon. We offer the perfect backdrop for delectable food. Call us at (630) 718-1010 to make a reservation, book a private room, or ask any questions. We would love to help you make the most out of your business luncheon!

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